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My Asian Kitchen: Bao * Salad * Noodle * Curry * Sushi * Dumpling by Jennifer Joyce [in Shelf Awareness]

When London-based, U.S.-raised food writer Jennifer Joyce began traveling in Asia in the 1990s, she “discovered the staggering deliciousness of authentic Asian cooking,” she writes in the introduction to My Asian Kitchen. She presents an antidote to the “limited … Americanised Chinese (aka chop suey and egg rolls)” food she suffered in childhood, while assuring us that “successfully cooking this legendary cuisine isn’t magic: you just need solid guidance and the right ingredients,” widely available online and in Asian markets.

After years of “balancing flavours and learning new techniques,” Joyce’s toothsome collection includes classics (tempura, ramen, gyoza) as well as more modern recipes (miso-glazed ribs, caramelized fish hot pot, matcha frosting). American home chefs might find the measurements initially daunting (milliliters/ounces vs. cups/spoons), but the delectable results should be worth all conversion efforts. Photographer Phil Webb supplies the visual temptations to get readers cooking.

Discover: London culinary expert Jennifer Joyce’s My Asian Kitchen provides tempting access to classic and contemporary recipes with Asian origins.

Review: “Gift Guide: Cookbooks,” Shelf Awareness, November 12, 2019

Readers: Adult

Published: 2019


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