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Moonlight Memoirs: Remembering that Family and Friends are Forever by Maggie Mei Lewis, illustrated by Melody Lea Lamb

Moonlight MemoirsTwo young mice, out “on a cold, lonely night,” meet a mysterious older mouse who leads them to a magical place where “departed loves ones” appear to remind the two adventurers that they will never be alone. “They’re not truly gone, but watch over you forever; / Always guardian angels, not doubting you ever,” the older mouse gently intones.

While the adorable tale is a sweetly useful title to help teach children about loss, the back story is perhaps even more interesting. The teenage author, a Chinese adoptee, decided at age 13 that she wanted to write a book. Not only did she produce a story some six months later, but on her own, she even managed to find herself an artist on eBay (!!). Seeing their daughter’s determination, her parents decided to start their own publishing company and Moonlight Memoirs becomes available for distribution today!

Young Lewis’ “experiences of losing birth family, friends, pets, and grandmother,” writes her publisher mother in the attached news release, “gives Maggie remarkable insight to relate this timeless message of hope to her readers.” Indeed with such insight for one so young, we’ll certainly be on the watch for the fledgling author’s future endeavors.

Readers: Children

Published: 2009


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