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Gente: The People of Ristorante Paradiso (vols. 2-3) by Natsume Ono, translated by Joe Yamazaki

Genter 2-3

Oh, those complicated but charming men who wander in and out of the kitchen, creating and serving the most toothsome fare at the Casetta dell’Orso … wouldn’t you love to know what their lives are like outside the restaurant? First introduced in the single volume Ristorante Paradiso, the gentlemen of this alluring establishment quickly earned their very own series, which debuted last year in English translation. With so many fascinating characters (and the glasses they can so easily hide behind), the stories can only continue …

In volume 2, gentle headwaiter Claudio and wunderkind chef Furio share their hotel past, Chef Teo and Chef Vanna work out their multilayered love/hate relationship thousands of miles apart, and Claudio’s estranged wife helps an American stranger with heartbreak. And who should arrive on the doorstep of the Casetta, asking for the owner …?

An important politician thinks he’s taking a break from his decision-making when he discovers the delightful restaurant in volume 3. Olga’s daughter Nicoletta finds herself completely enthralled and entangled working (and watching and learning) at the famed restaurant. A wealthy couple who live separate lives play out their challenging marriage a bit too publicly. Lorenzo has a thing or two to share about family with Nicoletta … about how bonds grow when you least expect them. Gigi the sommelier (who is also Lorenzo’s half-brother) goes on his annual trek to visit his father’s grave … and gets totally taken by (with?) a precocious little girl full of stories and surprises.

Beguiling company, delectable fare, neverending drama … what more can you ask for in a couple-hundred-page installments filled with such expressive, inviting faces? Buon appetito indeed!

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2010-2011 (United States)
GENTE © 2007 Natsume Ono/Ohta Publishing Co.
Original Japanese edition published by Ohta Publishing Co.


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