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what did you eat yesterday? (vol. 11) by Fumi Yoshinaga, translated by Jocelyne Allen

What Did You Eat Yesterday 11 by Fumi YoshinagaOh, how I’ve missed my favorite Tokyo lovebirds! Not to mention the chance to salivate over their too-toothsome meals. If only they’d invite me over! If you’re just tuning in to this tasty domestic drama, make sure to click here to catch up.

Shiro’s already well-stocked kitchen inherits a fancy steamer from his boss who, living alone, is happy with her microwave and ready-made pork buns. Of course Shiro puts the fancy pot to flavorful use almost immediately, surprising a delighted Kenji with steamed egg custard and cod with ponzu. Hungry yet?

Cherry blossom viewing season merits a double celebration for Shiro, first with an afternoon picnic with his cooking buddy Kayoko and her family – who are only too happy with their relationship advice, and then with just Kenji for what is becoming an annual romantic outing.

Back at the office, Shiro helps eternally young office assistant Shino keep her new, older chef hubby a bit healthier (and leaner). On the way home, Shiro stops to have quite a revealing conversation with his landlord. Back at the abode, he tells Kenji that they’re going to need to increase the grocery budget, and later goes to make cake and eat it, too, with his parents. And then there’s the matter of Kenji’s birthday suit …

Fumi Yoshinaga’s latest installment is one delectable treat after another, gently combining everyday exchanges between lovers, friends, parents, and children, and the events that change their lives in big and small ways, from shopping to aging to even Japan’s changing laws affecting gay relationships. With humor and empathy, surprise and joy, Yoshinaga’s star couple will hopefully have many, many more meals to savor and share.

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2015 (Japan), 2016 (United States)



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