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what did you eat yesterday? (vol. 10) by Fumi Yoshinaga, translated by Jocelyne Allen

What Did You Eat Yesterday 10 by Fumi Yoshinaga on BookDragonYou hungry? Go eat something before you open this toothsome feast … unless you’re okay with salivating all over the beautiful pages.

Shrimp and glass noodle salad. Homestyle yakiniku. Ricotta pancakes. Kabocha and bacon miso soup. Napa cabbage and scallop cream soup. Stomach grumbling yet?

In between preparing, sharing, eating, appreciating one marvelous meal after another, our fabulous favorite Tokyo lovebirds savor their everyday lives together, with close family and friends nearby.

At Kenji’s office, the young office assistant reveals her marriage plans – as well as her parents’ delectable restaurant – and Kenji realizes that after a quarter-century at the same firm, he’s perhaps not quite as ambitious as he thought he once was. He hits his half-century milestone, and steps up to be more helpful to his aging parents after his mother returns home from her hospitalization from lung cancer.

Meanwhile, Shiro gets a few opportunities to shine in the kitchen solo, teaches his boss a thing or two about compatible cohabitation (sharing chores, yes; cheating, not advised), and reacts to his thinning hairline with rather drastic measures (no worries – he loses none of his adorability). He even considers joining the gym …

Through meals so carefully, thoughtfully, lovingly prepared, hearts and souls get just as nourished as bellies. For the 10th volume in a row, Fumi Yoshinaga’s easy, fluid style reveals the joys, hurts, and simple details of everyday life, drawing readers in to observe, enjoy, acknowledge, celebrate our nearest and dearest with delicious, nutritious, memorable fare.

Ready to eat? You betcha!

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2015 (Japan), 2016 (United States)


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