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Wuhu Diary: On Taking My Adopted Daughter Back to Her Hometown in China by Emily Prager [in Christian Science Monitor]

Wuhu DiaryWith some 30,000 Chinese children, mostly daughters, being raised throughout the West, books addressing transracial adoption are growing rapidly. Wuhu Diary: On Taking My Adopted Daughter Back to Her Hometown in China, by novelist Emily Prager, offers new enlightenment, but unfortunately, it’s marred by old misunderstandings.

In previous generations, adoptive parents were concerned about their foreign-born children assimilating quickly into the dominant Western culture. But recent adoptive parents tend to be culturally savvy, determined to expose their new children to the riches of their native culture. That Prager travels to the other side of the globe to reintroduce her daughter to her homeland is not surprising. “I want to know all about my daughter, every moment that she wasn’t with me,” Prager writes.

Wuhu Diary chronicles mother and daughter’s seven-week journey to Wuhu, a small city in the southern Chinese province of Anhui, where LuLu eventually celebrates her fifth birthday. There she attends the local preschool, an excellent opportunity to experience her native country among her own peers. …[click here for more]

Review: Christian Science Monitor, September 6, 2001

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2001


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