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Wave by Suzy Lee

Wave Suzy LeeSummer is finally, suddenly almost here (we had snow just two weeks ago where I happen to be stuck). With that steady warmth comes the sort of utter enchantment found between the pages of Suzy Lee‘s wordless Wave-y wonder. Really, who needs text when you have such whimsical, beckoning expanses?

Arriving on an empty, wide open beach with her mother, a little girl dashes toward the water, her smile wide and open with gleeful anticipation. Even before the title page, the child is already in fast motion, leaving her sun-umbrella-ed mother content to just watch her go. With a flock of seagulls as curious witness, the girl approaches the bright blue wetness, not quite sure if she’s ready to go in. Her entry into the water is initially hesitant, quickly becoming downright feet-stomping celebratory. At least until the water gets a bit aggressive, although the little girl goes from frightened to overconfident in two pages flat. Suddenly, she’s shockingly drenched … but when the wave ebbs once more, she finds she’s surrounded by the sea’s treasures.

Lee surely has one of the most effervescent imaginations to be found on any page. [Be sure to check out Mirror, Shadow, The Zoo.] As uncomplicated as her illustrations are, one small jaunty stroke imbues such mischief while a single tilt of the pen can capture frolicsome joy. With just two colors – black and cerulean blue – she renders the perfect escape. While the little girl tests the water, Lee keeps the colors separate – black and white on the left, the ever-moving blue on the right – only blending ever so slightly as the girl gingerly ventures forth. And then WHOOSH (!) and the entire spread is saturated with droplets, splashes, and more.

Wow, that water feels great … come on in and share the delight.

Readers: Children

Published: 2008


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