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Truck Stop by Anne Rockwell, illustrated by Melissa Iwai

Truck StopWhen our son broke his little toddler wrist (one of those moments parents will always remember in slow motion), he was so attached to his truck-of-the-moment that his chubby fingers never let go of this mini-vehicle even during his x-ray. Now that he’s almost ready to drive, of course, his four-wheels of choice sit under a pickup, egads!

Welcome to Truck Stop: “Early each morning the sun isn’t up when we get busy at our truck stop, Mom and Dad and me,” a young boy explains. He’s in charge of squeezing the fresh orange juice as his parents prepare the favorite foods for the many truck drivers about to roll in. “I know each and every one of the regulars that comes to our truck stop,” he explains: Sam with his 18-wheeler needs Mom’s bacon and eggs over easy; Milk Tank Maisie likes doughnuts with her coffee; and Diligent Dan with his moving van prefers sausage and pancakes with plenty of syrup.

As the truck stop fills up with “good smells” and good friends, the boy prepares for school. On his way aboard the yellow bus, he spots missing Green Gus, and knows just what to do to help him get rolling along. Everyone has places to go … that is, until tomorrow, when they will all gather back at the truck stop to say “good morning” and start another traveling day.

Illustrator Melissa Iwai uses her signature whimsical style to create a showcase of all sorts of trucks that fill both inside covers, in addition to the adorable pages within. She presents a multi-culti community of caffeine-seeking drivers, happy for the company of others (can’t you just smell that freshly-brewed java?). Author Anne Rockwell offers just enough excited anticipation over finding broken-down Gus, then shows how a community quickly comes together to help a friend in need. Here’s to enjoying the nicest truck stop for miles and miles, for sure!

Readers: Children

Published: 2013


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