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The In-Between World of Vikram Lall by M.G. Vassanji [in AsianWeek]

In Between World of Vikram LallCalling himself “quite an ordinary man” even as he tops his country’s List of Shame, Vikram Lall recounts four decades of his “in-between” life in Kenya. A third-generation African of Asian Indian descent, he is not African enough, and certainly not on par with the ruling whites. A horrific childhood tragedy determines the rest of his life, leading him eventually into hiding in faraway Canada.

Review: “New and Notable Books,” AsianWeek, October 28, 2004

Tidbit: Vassanji was a guest at SALTAF 2005 (South Asian Literary and Theater Arts Festival), a much-anticipated, highly-attended annual fall event sponsored by the Smithsonian APA Program and NetSAP-DC.

Readers: Adult

Published: 2004


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