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The Flash of Capital: Film and Geopolitics in Japan by Eric Cazdyn [in Push > for NAATA]

Flash of CapitalThe most difficult of the titles, although its premise is interesting – that the history of Japanese film is inextricably linked to the history of Japanese capitalism, both of which are approximately a hundred years old. Filled with endless lit/film crit mumbo jumbo – the true litmus test: try reading a passage to an unsuspecting audience and see what kind of reaction you get – Cazdyn nevertheless explores some thought-provoking points, such as the use of a Western vocabulary and Western theory on the Japanese and Japanese films, and in an epilogue that could have been a full chapter, the exploration of the unjustly limited role of women in Japanese films, onscreen and behind the cameras.

Review: “Diasporic Proliferation or: We’re Here, There and Everywhere … and Growing,” Push >, NAATA: National Asian American Telecommunications Center (now the Center for Asian American Media), 2002

Readers: Adult

Published: 2002


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