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Surfer of the Century: The Life of Duke Kahanamoku by Ellie Crowe, illustrated by Richard Waldrep [in Bloomsbury Review]

Surfer of the CenturyAn inspiring, poignant biography – just perfect for kids! – of the legendary surfer Duke Kahanamoku, who was also the fastest swimmer in the world for 16 years! In spite of his championships, Kahanamoku still faced endless prejudice because of his darker Hawaiian American skin, yet he managed to graciously triumph over countless obstacles. Today’s he’s celebrated as “The Father of Modern Surfing” and the sport would never have been the same without him!

Review: TBR’s Editors’ Favorites of 2007,” The Bloomsbury Review, November/December 2007

Tidbit: Well, what do you know … while I was pulling up the book cover on Amazon, I noticed my mini-review is included in the “Editorial Reviews” section!

Readers: Children

Published: 2007


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