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Snackies by Nick Sumida

Snackies by Nick Sumida on BookDragonSo when’s the last time you took screen shots of book pages and sent them to friends and family because you wanted to guffaw in virtual company?

Once upon a time, my middle brother and I would have long lasting giggle-fests triggered by what might not have been the most mature subjects – you know, those topics special to siblings that probably included scatology and, uhm … well, maybe skittles, in this case. Who doesn’t need a silly moment or three or 27, right? We’re all young at heart!

Thanks to San Francisco’s outrageously creative indie press, Youth in DeclineNick Sumida’s got his debut to share. He offers serious life advice: “how to deal with stress” includes visits to the mall, arson, and yoga. He recalls three “subway crush[es]” that feature on very long brain (with ribbons!), Lord Voldemort, and aliens. He thought he was on a first-name texting-basis with God: “hey, I just got a new phone and forgot to import my contacts,” God confesses, “who is this again?” Ouch. 

He has superb tactics for handling first dates: stay away from the creepsters, even if their reflections are all too familiar. And maybe his “motto” is not one to emulate, but that won’t stop you from ROFITSPWYBLDOAYMWACP-ing – you’ll have to buy the book for the chuckle-inducing translation. I admit I still can’t get over ROFASSOOMB, but that most likely won’t pass the family-friendly censors – which is that much more reason to tickle your funny bone with Sumida’s Snackies.

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2014


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