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Selection Day by Aravind Adiga [in Library Journal]

Narrator Sartaj Garewal’s energy couldn’t be more rousingly infectious as he voices the unforgettable characters in Adiga’s (The White Tiger) latest. Raised in a Mumbai slum by a fiercely demanding father, the two Kumar brothers are destined to become cricket champions by the sheer will of their training-obsessed parent.

Radha, the elder, is already a local celebrity, but Manju, now 14, is quickly gaining the attention of top talent scout Tommy Sir and local businessman Anand Mehta, who is convinced Manju just might be his next best investment. Caught in the whirlwind of other people’s expectations and demands, Manju has little time to consider what he wants and who he wishes to be as the brothers must come to terms with unpredictable, uncertain futures.

Garewal’s impressive range makes each character memorably distinct, from confident Radha and questioning Manju to their ambitious father and an enthralling cast of friends, followers, and detractors. His spirited presentation is an unflagging delight, enhancing an already stupendous narrative with even more gusto and charm.

Verdict: No literary fiction collection would be complete without this Selection.

Review: “Media,” Library Journal, May 15, 2017

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2017



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