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Roger Is Reading a Book by Koen Van Biesen, translated by Laura Watkinson

Roger is Reading a Book by Loen Van Biesen on BookDragon“SHHHH! Quiet.” Because Roger is not only reading, he’s reading a book. A book. Oh, for the love of books, this is the perfect book for book lovers of all ages.

Yes, Roger is reading. Or trying to, anyway. He’s got a spotlight illuminating the pages just so, he has his glasses preparedly perched, he’s in a comfortable – albeit not tooooo comfortable – position … and his basset hound is right there to serve as the comical canine barometer to what’s happening on either side of the pages. Because just next door, young Emily – her determination knows no bounds! – is doing anything and everything but reading.

Emily plays a bouncing ball game, so Roger politely taps their shared wall and gets a bit of quiet. Although not for long.

Emily is next singing. Knockity knock. Emily is playing the drums. Roger is noisily reciprocating now. But quiet just doesn’t last. Because within minutes, Emily has something else she’s gotta do … loudly!

Then Roger gets an idea … and off he goes (never mind his pup who’s been waiting so patiently, leash in mouth), and returns with a package he delivers to Emily. Quiet finally happens … until … well … read and find out for yourself!

Goofy, smart, giddily delightful, Belgian master Koen Van Biesen is quite the remarkable book artist: in words and in pictures both, he’s figured out the ideal balance of show-don’t-tell (how he uses the center binding alone is an adroit revelation). Shhhhh already! You’ll want to open up and guffaw (sotte voce, ahem) over this one again and again and again.

Readers: Children

Published: 2012 (Belgium), 2015 (United States)


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