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Rich People Problems [Crazy Rich Asians 3] by Kevin Kwan [in Library Journal]

Kevin Kwan’s third volume continues to expose – albeit with plenty of schadenfreudian humor – the outrageous excesses and over-the-top machinations that began with his debut, Crazy Rich Asians (currently in highly anticipated celluloid production). Lydia Look, who voiced book two, China Rich Girlfriend, with energetic aplomb, reprises her crisply clipped Singlish with unfailing enthusiasm; her “Aiyah!”s and “Alamak!”s provide emphatic punctuation to the shenanigans of Kwan’s überrich folks.

By being Manhattan-based, Nicholas and Rachel Young are temporarily detached from Nicky’s extended dysfunctional family in Singapore. When family matriarch Su Yi falls gravely ill, her Tyersall Park home – an unparalleled, legendary estate – swells with fawning well-wishers. Missing is her favorite grandson Nicky, from whom she’s been estranged ever since he chose Rachel over his family.

The local drama, meanwhile, implodes. Cousin Astrid’s marriage has floundered, as she’s involved again with her less-than-appropriate first love, Charlie Wu. Kitty Pong is now Kitty Bing, married to China’s second wealthiest man, but her new billions still can’t buy satisfaction, especially when her new stepdaughter keeps stealing her spotlight.

Verdict: Libraries will want to share the wealth of this rollicking, can’t-turn-away pick, especially ideal for beaches and road trips.

Review: “Audio,” Library Journal, September 1, 2017

Readers: Adult

Published: 2017


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