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Raindrops: A Shower of Colors by Chiêu Anh Urban, illustrated by Viviana Garofoli

RaindropsSince we’ve been greeted the last few mornings with showers, I figure Raindrops was the most appropriate title to post today …

This chunky book for little fingers proves to be a most clever adventure in learning colors … not just the basics, but how certain combinations make brand new shades. Each page has a cut-out raindrop of color – made up of translucent, transparent plastic – and every few pages present a mini-lesson in color-making.

Here’s how it works … The blue butterfly on the left page faces the red rooster on the right. Turn the page, and the two raindrops of blue and red combine to make the purple parrot … and off the animals go, go, go picking up friends along the way.

The yellow of the bumblebee and blue of the beetle combine to give the grasshopper his green … by book’s end, you’ve got a bright rainbow over the menagerie of playful animals having too much fun. Their infectious energy is sure to entertain the youngest readers, while parents will certainly appreciate the ingenious use of color combos.

Readers: Children

Published: 2010


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