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Pot-San’s Tabletop Tales by Satoshi Kitamura

Pot-San's TabletopWay back in the day, when I fancied myself at least a part-time potter, I used to think I put some tangible personality into my pieces, especially my dancing tea cups and goofy tea pots. So how delighted I was to discover adorable Pot-san – he with a handle for one ear, a spout for the other, his rosy-cheeked face sporting a jauntily-rounded red-topped top-hat – and share some of his dishy adventures.

Pot-san – the Japanese equivalent to “Mr. Pot” – welcomes newly-arrived Teacup to the table, enjoying their first cup of hot tea together with smiles and happiness. He has a “horrible dream” trying to save Teacup, but wakes just in time for Cheese Cake’s visit. He flies off-table with friends on a magic tray, only to injure delicate Teacup! Last, but hardly least, Pot-san helps Miss Salt feel inclusively needed when he introduces her to Chips Bigbowl who would love nothing more than to share a toothsome sprinkling.

Relying on colorful, fun, everyday objects, lauded author/artist Satoshi Kitamura cleverly addresses some of today’s stressors on young children. Pot-san shares the anxiety of new situations, how to be a good friend, how risky behavior can have serious consequences, and how sticking up for and enabling friends are both necessary and rewarding.

So while the kiddies cheer through valuable life lessons with charming Pot-san, we oldsters could take a moment to indulge in a cup of tea, too … and pass the Cheese Cake, please!

Readers: Children

Published: 2013 (United States)


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