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One Night in the Zoo by Judith Kerr

One Night in the ZooHere’s a whimsical counting book that celebrates “[o]ne magical, moonlit night in the zoo …” with jumping elephants, biking kangaroos, astonishing lions, squidgeberry-stewing bears, and so many more …

As for their wee-hour shenanigans, ” … nobody knew” … least of all the zookeeper and his trusty crew, who could only wonder aloud why the animals all looked so tired the next morning …

For those of us who have ever had pets, we just know that the moment we’re not around, they’re getting up, rifling through the fridge, seeing what’s on YouTube (TVs are so old-school), checking their secret Crackberries, and getting on with their animal world in all sorts of ways we’ll never understand. Every once in a while, they leave a clue or two … and veteran author Judith Kerr (The Tiger Who Came to Tea remains one our kids’ enduring favorites) delightfully captures those secret nighttime adventures with such contagious glee for the youngest readers!

Readers: Children

Published: 2010


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