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Ollie and Claire by Tiffany Strelitz Haber, illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Ollie and ClaireMeet Ollie and Claire: “… a tightly knit pair, like hot buttered biscuits and yam.” They spend their days frolicking and yodeling, yoga-ing and swimming, snacking and running. In spite of all that double fun, Claire gets “‘bored with this ho-hum routine.'” One Friday morning, out on a rare solo walk, she sees a sign on a tree that beckons, “Come circle the planet with me!” The adventure begins on Monday at 4:00.

Because she’s convinced that “‘Ollie won’t mind if I leave him behind – this is nothing he ever would do,”’ Claire spends the weekend packing and preparing to see the world. Ollie conveniently calls to say he “‘can’t play for a couple of days,'” but gives Claire just enough time to start missing him. Still, she’s determined to expand her horizons, so she writes a farewell note to Ollie … and anxiously waits for a surprise she never expected.

Author Tiffany Strelitz Haber provides just the right rhymes – full of exuberantly syncopated melody waiting to be read aloud – while artist Matthew Cordell energetically ups the funny-factor with every page turn. Check out Claire in her unique yoga pose and her bright green swim cap, and Ollie in his chic-chic red sweatband accompanied by his purple lunchbox. Stroll along the street with a menagerie of daydreaming passers-by – including a fluffy poodle considering a makeover in front of a beauty shop. And is that Ollie testing out his scuba gear in the backyard while Claire clears out her rubber chicken? You’ll just have to see for yourself …

More than just fun, fun, fun, Haber gently reminds us to share our true thoughts with our closest loved ones … because you’ll probably have more delights to enjoy than you ever knew, not to mention escapades-times-two can be that much more rewarding! Spring is (finally!) just about here, so grab a kiddie, a spouse, a buddy … join Ollie and Claire and let’s all go, go, go!

Readers: Children

Published: 2013


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