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My Colors, My World | Mis colores, mi mundo by Maya Christina Gonzalez

My Colors, My WorldChunky little fingers deserve bright, saturated colors to hold and giggle over, to learn little lessons from … and how about in bonus bilingual presentation? Maya Christina Gonzalez’s already-award winning, bestselling book of many colors gets a gorgeous little makeover for the youngest readers-to-be.

Amidst the squishy brown mud, orange marigolds and purple blossoms flourish in the bountiful garden where a little girl plays. She swings in her red swing as she waits to hug her Papi, pulling herself close to his shiny black hair as her mother waits for them both with an open front door, Safe in her parents warmth, the little girl watches as the pink sun sets. and the blue velvety sky comes down to whisper a soft goodnight.

Ah, if only all our days could be so vibrant and peaceful both  …!

Readers: Children

Published: 2007, 2011 (board book edition)


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