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Mimi Loves to Mimic by Yih-Fen Chou, illustrated by Chih-Yuan Chen

cover-okThe adorable Mimi is a typical toddler just on the edge of finding her independence, but still needing a bit of assistance now and then from Mommy and Daddy, even Grandma and Grandpa. She’s good at throwing her toys in the trash can, but hasn’t yet figured out how to put on lipstick (which is a good thing).

She tries to read like Mommy reads, but reading “lots of books” for Mimi means catching up on her naps. Her trumpet-tooting isn’t quite like Daddy’s but she loves trying loudly. While Grandma makes soup, Mimi makes her own version with dirty socks for her little puppy. She slurps just like Grandpa, much to Grandma’s dismay and both get impatiently shushed! Mimi’s also great at sharing kisses, just like Mommy!

The debut Mimi series is certainly poised for international success with translation rights already sold in 14 languages. Combining simple and colorfully effective pictures of Mimi and her family by award-winning illustrator Chih-Yuan Chen  – who are depicted as cute but nebulous animals (marketing tie-ins surely are looming on the horizon!) – publisher/writer Yih-Fen Chou of Heryin Books is poised to get some far-ranging mileage out of Mimi and her entertaining ways.

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Readers: Children

Published: 2010


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