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Maps of City & Body: Shedding Light on the Performances of Denise Uyehara | script and commentary by Denise Uyehara, foreword by Chay Yew [in AsianWeek]

Maps of City and BodyThis is one of those perfectly sized, well-designed books that add that something extra to an already enlightening reading experience. Perhaps the most powerful section of Uyehara’s slim volume is the script for her show, Big Head, which explores through actual testimony the similarities between the experiences of the Japanese Americans during World War II and those of Arab Americans post-9/11. “What does it take to hate a body?” one haunting chant repeats again and again. Indeed, do we never learn from our past mistakes?

Review: “New and Notable Books,” AsianWeek, July 28, 2004

Readers: Adult

Published: 2004


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