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Mail (vols. 1-3) by Housui Yamazaki, translated by Douglas Varenas, edited by Carl Gustav Horn [in Bloomsbury Review]

Mail 1-3From the artist who brought you the inventively creepy Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service series comes a three-volume thriller that will cause goosebumps, even in 95 degree weather. Reiji Akiba, who grew up blind, is given back his sight, thanks to medical advances. But now he also has the ability to see a whole other dimension: Denied eternal peace, some souls are damned to wander until something – or someone – can help them find eternal rest.

When weird coincidences happen that you can’t quite explain away, Akiba knows that it’s the dead sending a desperate, often dangerous, message to the living. Now a detective of sorts with all-knowing powers, Akiba – with the help of his trusty Kagutsuchi, a supernatural gun that sends the undead to final rest – helps the living reclaim themselves from the clutches of certain death. Word to the wise: Don’t read these late at night!

Review: “Windows: Asian Literature in Translation: New & Notable Books,” The Bloomsbury Review, September/October 2007

Readers: Adult

Published: 2006-2007 (United States)


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