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Lost Sloth by J.otto Seibold

Lost SlothSleeping Sloth is jolted awake by a ringing phone he can’t pick up in time. Thank goodness for answering machines (methinks parents might need to explain that anachronistic precursor to voice mail) because the lucky message announces Sloth has won a prize! But oh, no! He has a mere three hours to claim his shopping spree!

“‘What’s a spree?'” he thinks, but no matter, a prize is a prize and he’ll need to hurry to claim it. He misses the bus, tries to take a short cut through the park, gets sleepy with all his efforts, and plops down on an ice cream handcart, only to end up on a high cliff overlooking the store wayyyyyy below where he needs to be. How will he ever claim his prize …?

As with all of McSweeney’s McMullens children’s titles I’ve seen thus far, Lost Sloth is yet another example of cleverly-packaged kiddie fun. Each McMullens book – beyond the words and pictures – presents a unique adventure to discover (McMullen’s version of Eugène Ionesco’s Stories 1 • 2 • 3 • 4, for example, has an extraordinary book jacket that does so much more than merely protect the book).

On the outside, Lost Sloth is covered mostly in thick, raw cardboard, with shades of muted one-color blue printing; only the title is minimally enhanced with gold-leaf shadow on the block white font. And then you open the book: in sharp contrast, the rest of  J.otto Seibold‘s latest kiddie story is irrepressibly energized with eye-popping colors, glossy spreads, and intricately detailed patterns and shapes on every page. As Sloth snoozes, kiddie readers have plenty to explore, from fancy clocks to curious wildlife to cushy pillows. Parents have ingeniously positioned little treats, too, from deciphering designer clothing labels to occupying uh … not Wall Street.

Clearly Seibold knows: the family who reads together, will laugh and love together. Don’t we all need to share those giggles more regularly?

Readers: Children

Published: 2013


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