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Ling & Ting: Together in All Weather by Grace Lin

Ling & Ting Together in All Weather by Grace Lin on BookDragonGrace Lin’s ‘not exactly the same’-twins debuted in 2010, then ‘shared a birthday’ a couple of years later, and had ‘twice as silly’ adventures together. Five years since they arrived on bookshelves everywhere, they’re still Together in All Weather – and yes, they’re as whimsically captivating as ever in their fourth title in the series.

To get the backstory on their un-same haircuts, their actual birthdate, why their boots are so ingeniously not-matched, and so much more, you’ll have to catch up with the previous volumes for sure.

Here in their latest six-part exploit, the precocious twins make sure to enjoy the seasons year-round. From summer storms to fall leaves to stinky winter medicinal brews to spring blooms, Ling and Ting know just how to make the most of every day of the year.

As for our 21st-century too-plugged-in generation, let it be known that Ling and Ting never, ever rely on a screen to enjoy fabulously fun-filled feats. Once again (as always), Lin’s vibrantly animated drawings never disappoint, as lemonade gets sold, hats go missing, rainbows start appearing, and Ling and Ting share their all-weather gleeful delight with all.

Readers: Children, Middle Grade

Published: 2015


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