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Leo the Snow Leopard: The True Story of an Amazing Rescue by Juliana Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff, and Craig Hatkoff

Leo the Snow LeopardGiven this morning’s short flurries here in DC, had to post something with SNOW in the title!

Welcome to Leo‘s world, brought to you by the same bestselling, award-winning Hatkoff family team that introduced the world to the heartwarming hippo/tortoise duo, Owen and Mzee. That literary sensation has spawned a whole series, The Turtle Pond Collection, which brings “remarkable stories of hope and friendship about real animals and real wold issues …” Inspiring indeed, huh?

Their latest heartwarming true story takes readers to the high peaks of the Karakoram mountains in Pakistan where baby Leo was found mewing, lost, and hungry, his mother nowhere in sight. Because snow leopard cubs need some two years with their mother to learn the skills to survive life in their treacherous natural habitat of freezing temperatures amidst tall mountains, Leo was at grave risk out there “all alone.” Temporarily adopted by a goat herder and his family, Leo eventually finds his home thousands of miles away in New York’s Bronx Zoo.

If I tell you too much here about Leo’s journey filled with seeming impossibilities, then you won’t need to read the book …. and that would be a shame because you need to at least see all the wonderful photos within. Leo is not camera-shy, that’s for sure. Plus, happy stories read together cuddled under warm blankets while the world outside turns snowy white are what this holiday season is all about, right …? So don’t miss this cozy sharing opportunity …

Readers: Children

Published: 2010


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