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It’s a Book by Lane Smith

It's a BookDelighted guffawing is inevitable as soon as you open the pages. And most especially fitting if you are a proud, obstinate Luddite like me! Move over Kindles, Nooks, iPads, Vooks, and whatever other e-sorcery is out there … this stupendous little bit of low-tech Luddite vindication is soooo empowering!

Here’s how it starts … oh so innocently … the little donkey simply asks his monkey friend, “What do you have there?” The monkey, so absorbed that he doesn’t even bother looking up, answers simply with “It’s a book.”

The techno-savvy donkey just can’t fathom what that ‘book’ might be. And how could the monkey possibly be so interested in it? The book doesn’t scroll, can’t text, tweet, and doesn’t even have wi-fi! Plus it just has too many letters … although the donkey can fix that … “rrr! K? lol!” By this point, I myself was ROTFLMAO (a young ‘un taught me that).

When the donkey finally gets his hand on this thing called a book, time literally flies by. Imagine that! OMG, Luddite readers unite!!

So the final line, which just couldn’t be more perfect (again, ROTFLMAO, kicking and screaming with endless glee), is apparently getting some flack. But really, you have to be humorless not to guffaw … IT’S A BOOK. And a perfect one at that! As it speaks so directly to my Luddite soul, I’d say it just might be my favorite this year …!!

Author Lane Smith is beyond genius. His end-of-the-book bio, complete with footnotes (!), is perfect testimony to BOOK-dom, as well!

To see the monkey, mouse, and donkey come to life, click here. When I showed my tween son, he watched it in an endless loop and was still giggling many, many, many times later … holy moly … it’s addictively hysterical for sure! As always, however, THE BOOK IS BETTER.

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Published: 2010


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