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Is Mommy? by Victoria Chang, illustrated by Marla Frazee

Is Mommy by Victoria Chang on BookDragonMothers, you will relate.

Meet your bluntly honest children. Ask your little one a question about yourself – all the while hoping for a smidge of uplifting compliment or encouraging understanding – and what you’ll probably get is not exactly what you anticipated. You’ve been warned!

These little wonders just aren’t capable of embellishment. Take your maternal visage, first thing in the morning before your initial dose of caffeine: “Is mommy pretty … or ugly?” Uhmm … well, according to your carrot-topped toddler, groggy isn’t exactly your best look.

So let’s say you’re stuck on a call that might not be going particularly smoothly: “Is mommy nice … or mean?”

You’ve managed to get out of the house and you’ve found the perfect tree under which you can finally finish that exciting new book: “Is mommy fun … or boring?”

In an upside-down moment, you’ve kicked both legs up high while hand-standing so you can be nose-to-nose with your little one before tumbling back down: “Is mommy young … or old?”

Oh, my … how the truth can hurt. That said, as long as cupcakes are involved, redemption is near.

Award-winning poet Victoria Chang makes her kiddie book debut with mirthful simple verse, while twice Caldecott Honor-ed artist Marla Frazee adds hilarious charm. Her six spirited toddlers are each depicted in a single vibrant color barely contained in black outlines – while those same colors saturate the end papers front and back in finger-painted streaks, enhancing the frenetic, inviting energy within. The children are adorable bundles of tireless movement, poised for another adventure about to happen with a turn of the page. Frazee ingeniously adds a plus-one component to every other double-page spread, celebrating the delights of friendship – six times over.

While the kiddies prance and play and laugh at the not-so-flattering adjectives that mommies inevitably get stuck with, the bottom line remains the same: Love trumps all. Oh, and fluffy frosting helps, too.

Readers: Children

Published: 2015


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