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Home Was the Land of Morning Calm: The Saga of a Korean American Family by K. Connie Kang [in What Do I Read Next? Multicultural Literature]

Home Was the Land of Morning CalmThe saga of one Korean family, interwoven with the country’s turbulent history, from 1900 to the present. The Kang clan, once a powerful North Korean family, survives the Japanese occupation, then escapes to the South during the Korean War. The author’s immediate family moves to Japan, and finally to the U.S. where they begin another new life.

Connie Kang, the product of three cultures (Korean, Japanese, and American) first arrived in the U.S. to pursue her college education. She became one of the first Korean American journalists in U.S. history. While she has lived and worked in both the U.S. and Korea, she does not feel that she has ever been truly comfortable, or accepted, in either culture: “I am more American than Korean in my mind, but I am more Korean than American in my soul. As for my heart, it is split in half.”

Review: “Asian American Titles,” What Do I Read Next? Multicultural Literature, Gale Research, 1997

Readers: Adult

Published: 1995


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