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Hocus Pocus by Sylvie Desrosiers, illustrated by Rémy Simard

Hocus PocusA magician, his dog, their groceries come home and settle in to relax, eventually drifting off for a nap. Meanwhile, a rabbit peeks out from the magician’s hat, sees the snoozing man and dog, notices the carrot on the counter, and decides he must have it.

Of course, the dog wakes up – rather grumpily, having been disturbed out his comfortable slumber – and all sorts of bunny vs. canine mischievous adventures ensue … Let the chase begin!

Here’s the most enchanting part of the story: the book is completely textless. Instead, the creators rely on vibrant, adorably comical pictures that convey a constant motion from one entertaining pane to the next. Even for kiddies not yet ready to recognize letters and words, Hocus Pocus will surely work a little magic in giving the youngest book experts an inviting opportunity to ‘read.’

Readers: Children

Published: 2011


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