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Gracias | Thanks by Pat Mora, illustrated by John Parra, translation by Adriana Domínguez

Gracias ThanksOne of my dearest friends in all the world starts making gratitude lists when all the STUFF that needs to get done starts keeping her up at night  … the list is so endless, that she eventually falls into a most grateful slumber. That the gratitude goes on and on couldn’t be more calming …

The latest title from the prolific Pat Mora is this delightful bilingual gem about all the big and tiny ways that we can be grateful. A little boy thanks the loyal sun that will keep greeting him every morning until he grows a long, white beard. To the ladybug that lands on his finger to the bees that didn’t sting him, he gives thanks. To his Abuelita who sneaks him a gift, to his friend Billy who shares his books, to his little brother whose mashed peas-projectile makes him laugh, he gives thanks. And at the end of the day, he remembers to thank his old pajamas that will keep his slumber oh so soft, and the hidden cricket that will serenade him all along the way to sweet dreams.

So tell me … could I have found a better title to share today? We all need regular reminders for all the endless blessings in our lives … and oh so much better to count those thankful moments than smelly boring sheep any night, right?

Readers: Children

Published: 2009


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