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Global Baby Girls by The Global Fund for Children

Global Baby Girls“Cherish baby girls around the world,” the back cover rightfully demands. And who could possibly resist the red-cheeked cuddlebug from Russia, the laughing wonder from Peru, the bejeweled bundle from India, the kitty-hugger (never mind the beast himself) from New Zealand, the intrepid explorer (with a live crawfish!) from right here in the U.S.?

And yet, as The Global Fund for Children soberly reminds us, “Baby girls are precious, but they are not valued everywhere.” Which is why partial sales of this perfect-for-little-hands-to-hold board book go directly “to support innovative community-based organizations that provide opportunities to grow, thrive, and be strong.” To increase your feel-good investment, you could also consider the irresistible companion title, American Babiesfor double the adorable fun.

“Wherever they are born, girls are beautiful, strong, bold, and bright. Baby girls can grow up to change the world.” Truth, indeed! Although I might cross out the ‘can’ and add my own ‘will‘ – with committed emphasis, too! Girl power all the way!

Tidbit: Want to learn more about girl power? Check out the trailer for the upcoming film, Girl Rising, brought to you by 10×10. Educate girls, and they will change the world.

Readers: Children

Published: 2013



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