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Fox’s Garden by Princesse Camcam

Fox's GardenHere’s a book without words, which speaks a universal language that we all need to hear loud and clear: Be kind. Could the message be simpler?

Somewhere, anywhere, on a cold wintry night made bright with snow, a single fox seeks shelter. The glow of soft lights draws her into a village where frightened strangers chase her away. She finds an unlit greenhouse and wanders in. All the while, a small boy has been watching … and he notices something no one else has so far, perhaps not even the ‘reader.’ He follows the fox into the building just long enough to leave behind a basket of food, and goes back to his own room. While he’s tucked away in cozy slumber, the fox returns the boy’s thoughtfulness with some magic of her own …

Author/illustrator Princesse Camcam – who grew up as Camille, according to her back flap bio – tells the tale in just 12 double-page spreads, exquisitely detailed, multi-dimensionally intricate artistry notwithstanding. Beyond the ever-glowing inner lights that spill out from open doors and clear windows, only the boy and the fox(es) are presented in full color, as if they’re the only beings worthy of notice – because their mutual kindness is what makes them ‘real.’ How simply gorgeous is that?

Once again, boutique indie press Enchanted Lion Books imports another priceless gem over the Pond. Being wordless, nothing gets lost in translation: we can all experience the same luminous wonder wherever we are in the world. Kindness is the same in any language … we just need to remember to practice it more often.

Readers: Children

Published: 2013, 2014 (United States)


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