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Drive: A Look at Roadside Opposites by Kellen Hatanaka

Drive by Kellen Hatanaka on BookDragonReprising the unique delight he brought to his debut, Work: An Occupational ABC, Canadian artist/author Kellen Hatanaka makes opposites all new, taking the youngest readers on a Drive from “start” to “finish,” exploring distance, size, directions, weather conditions, time, age, and so much more. Piled high with luggage and fun-making accessories, a station wagon leaves the city, off for a rural vacation. Based on the packed loot, that elongated automobile is surely ferrying quite the fun-loving crowd.

Along the way, they see dogs big and small, pass low through a mountain valley under a plane flying high, pop up an umbrella against the wet rain and stow it away when the skies are dry, watch day become night, pass one horse and many cows, and wave to oversized old trees growing next to young saplings. The splendiferous highlight ā€“ no spoilers here ā€“ happens right in the middle with an unexpected fold-out that is brilliantly clever … you’ll have to see it for yourself, of course!

With his architecturally whimsical style of many primary colors, Hatanaka is two-for-two for turning the predictable into something original to entertain and enlighten our youngest readers; we lucky older armchair travelers are in for a visually gleeful trip, as well. Come along, you’re gonna really enjoy this Drive.

Readers: Children

Published: 2015


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