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Demon (Volume 1) by Jason Shiga

Demon by Jason Shiga on BookDragonWarning first: This is NOT NOT NOT for kids.

For us old folks, however … well, “this story is going to blow your mind,” bestselling, innovative graphic novelist/webcomic creator Jason Shiga promises in his “Foreword.” “Demon is my gleeful homage to the lurid and pulpy entertainment rags that make up the detritus of our childhoods.”

Shiga’s protagonist Jimmy Yee just can’t die. He started with attempting suicide – five times. In spite of a perfect success rate, Jimmy himself somehow lives on. When he wakes up (again) in a hospital bed, greeted by a daughter and then a wife he doesn’t recognize, he moves beyond just trying to depart from this world to actively figuring out just what’s going on.

Here’s what Jimmy knows: his actual wife and young daughter are dead. Their killer was a drunk driver now sitting in a federal prison. His daughter would have turned 10 this week, and Jimmy made plans for revenge. But things went awry, Jimmy became a murderer by mistake, and so he decided get “out” at the end of rope. What he has to unravel is how he keeps coming back – albeit in other people’s bodies. Casually and constantly, the body count grows: the hospital tries to stop him, the police join in, OSS agents get called, the penal system locks him up, but Jimmy always manages to stay alive … and running.

Get ready for a grotesque, freakish, morbid, outlandish, shock-stricken funhouse ride. And prepare for more. With the promise of Volume 2 on the final page, death marches on! Talk about dark, dark, guilty-glee, ahem!

Readers: Adult

Published: 2016


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