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Death Note (vols. 7-9) by Tsugumi Ohba, art by Takeshi Obata, translated by Alexis Kirsch (vol. 7), Tetsuichiro Miyaki (vols. 8-9)

Death Note 7-9

The pace picks up rapidly (in spite of a few too many explanatory inner babbling bubbles) in the second half of one of the most popular manga series ever, endless spin-offs and all!

In vol. 7, Kira #3 and his Notebook are now in the hands of the special task force. Literally. Now that they’ve all touched the Notebook, they can actually see shinigami Ryuk! And since Light Yagami has reached out and touched it, too, he’s suddenly regained his memories … and gladly takes back the reins as the real Kira. His devious plan sets in motion a chain of surprising events, including one massive shocker about half-way through! Never saw that one coming!

Now that Light is an official member of the National Police Agency – all grown up at 23! – he’s also assumed L’s post as leader of the task force to capture Kira. In vol. 8, he must rescue his sister Sayu, who’s been kidnapped by one of L’s heirs. With L gone, The Whammy’s House orphanage where L was raised and nurtured, had two possible successors, Near and Mello … one proves to be true, the other goes to the dark side and demands the Notebook in exchange for Sayu’s life!

With Light back in control, Kira worshippers are growing in number … the world does seem to be a safer, kinder place – doesn’t it? In vol. 9, Light has to figure out how to get the other Notebook back, but at what cost? Meanwhile, both Mello and Near are determined to trap Kira, and their efforts are getting way to close to Light …

So I have to ask … how come L, Mello, and Near have such odd habits – constantly playing with food and needing something in the mouth (L), eating tin-foil wrapped chocolate (Mello), and tinkering with something and twisting a lock of hair (Near)? Orphaned geniuses must all have pronounced, odd habits? Although I suppose any odd habit trumps Light’s unblinking, no-regrets murdering, even if his end result is supposed to be for global good.

Really, what would YOU do???!!

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Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2006 – 2007 (United States)
DESU NŌTO © Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata
Original Japanese edition published by Shueisha Inc.


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