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Dear Yeti by James Kwan

Dear Yeti by James Kwan on BookDragonReady for an adventure with big bad beasts in a battle to the death against the fiercest elements? What? Not tonight? How about something a bit more … dear?

Our two young explorers set out into the wild, heavily coat-ed, properly back-packed, with clipboard and binoculars in hand. Being ever so cautious, they first send a missive ahead – via cooperative bluebird: “Dear Yeti, We’re searching for you. Sincerely, Hikers.”

Beyond the back yard, over the stream, into the forest, up into the peaks, the intrepid hikers hike. As they get closer to the elusive yeti, more aerial missives are received by a roly-poly, cuddly brown being who watches from afar … albeit close enough to keep a careful watch on our dynamic duo. “We found some tracks, poops, and hairs, so you must be close,” the hikers announce. “We would really like to meet you.”

In spite of all their careful preparations, however, “food supplies are low,” they soon report. “The forest is getting darker” as a storm quickly approaches. Berries, a snow fort, and a gentle hand save the day (and night), and gratitude abounds.

First-time author/illustrator James Kwan’s charming debut blends humor, adventure, and delight into a wholly captivating, adorably winsome package. The epistolary first half follows the explorers’ adventures letter-by-letter, until the young ‘uns become a bit overwhelmed and start calling out to anyone who might be able to hear: “Bird? Yeti? I think we’re lost … ” That subsequent “Uh-oh” speaks volumes, while the imminent surprise is ideally timed to add the most excitement to the narrative. Complete with a warm and fuzzy resolve sure to entertain and comfort the youngest readers – oldsters will appreciate, as well! – Dear Yeti hopefully signals many more Kwan-titles ahead.

Readers: Children

Published: 2015


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