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Bolo! Bolo! A Collection of Writing by Second Generation South Asians Living in North America edited by the Kitchen Table Collective [in aMagazine: Inside Asian America]

Bolo BoloHere’s looking forward to the next generation of writers of South Asian descent: Bolo! Bolo! includes 84 diverse pieces, from poetry to essays to short stories. The title refers to a Hindi colloquial phrase which, loosely translated, means “tell me.” And indeed the collection represents a varied group with stories to tell, including students, teachers, activists, and even computer professionals. The tone is young, searching, some still “works-in-progress.” But the message is certainly clear: they’re talented, they’re determined, they’re reaching, they’re growing.

Review: “Bolo! Bolo! Tell Me! South Asian writers move into the literary spotlight,” aMagazine: Inside Asian America, June/July 2001

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2000



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