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Bindi Babes and Bollywood Babes by Narinder Dhami [in AsianWeek]

Bindi Babes and Bollywood Babes

Welcome to the fabulous world of the Bindi Babes, otherwise known as the dynamic Dhillon sisters, Amber, Jazz, and Geena. In the first installment of the trilogy, Bindi Babes, they manage to keep up a fabulous public face in spite of learning to live with the tragedy of losing their beloved mother to leukemia, and fighting interference with an unwanted Auntie who comes to live with them. In Bollywood Babes, having accepted Auntie’s permanent presence, the sisters have the not-so-wise idea of tracking down a has-been Bollywood star to be the guest of honor at their school’s fundraiser – but the best laid plans often go awry. The last trilogy installment, Bhangra Babes, for those who can’t wait, is already available in the UK.

Review: “New and Notable Books,” AsianWeek, May 26, 2005

Readers: Middle Grade, Young Adult

Published: 2004, 2005 (United States)


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