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Amulet | Book Six: Escape from Lucien by Kazu Kibuishi

Amulet 6The wait is just about over: Book Six hits shelves in just 11 days. Yes, almost two years have passed since Book Five pubbed, but creator Kazu Kibuishi has hardly been resting on his mega-bestseller laurels: that he was the artist chosen to give the legendary Harry Potter series a 15th anniversary face-lift certainly kept him occupied, given he had to create seven new covers! No HP fan am I (travesty! heresy!), but Kibuishi’s covers sure make an enticing package.

But back to the riveting, addictive Amulet series with both the covers and the contents imagined and produced by Kibuishi, thank goodness. Super-siblings Emily and Navin are about to embark on separate endeavors, which can only (understandably) make a mother worry. The city of Lucien has been destroyed, but a communications beacon located there must be found. When the reconnaissance team is announced, Navin is not among the chosen pilots, dismissed as a “slacker”by the short-sighted professor. Soon enough, he’s forced to mutter a grateful “good luck,” when he sends Navin to rescue the mission on the brink of going terribly wrong.

While Navin attempts to help save Lucien’s survivors, Emily, Vigo, and Trellis face traitorous Max once more. Shockingly, Max presents the trio with a message from Emily’s long-dead father. In order to fight the powerful Voice, Max convinces the threesome they must follow him into the Void to confront eternal demons that live on in memory. Even with new revelations, the Stonekeepers’ future is looking more challenging than ever.

Book Six is all about fatal possessions and sacrifices, a wise giving tree, an underground mayor, vengeance fueled by true love, a Lost Horizon-esque shocker, the return of the moving House … and, most importantly, the realization (once again): “We’re going to need a little help from our friends.” The volume raises more questions than offers answers which can only mean that Book Seven – lucky number, that! – can’t come soon enough. That’s a good thing, although alas, the wait begins … (again).

Readers: Middle Grade

Published: 2014


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