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American Babies by The Global Fund for Children

American BabiesHere’s another adorable chunky book for the youngest chubby little hands to hold … and drool and toothlessly grin over. The parents will have their heartstrings pulled a few times, too …

Filled with the many multi-culti, ethnically diverse faces of American babydom – from a mini farmer amidst golden fields, to an already voracious reader ready to “explore their world,” to a baseball lover crawling to the next game while “laughing and playing,” to an unsure pigtailed wonder “sharing hope” snuggled in a loved one’s arms – just about every baby will find a friend or two amidst all the hard-to-resist babies all securely “surrounded by love.”

With partial proceeds benefiting The Global Fund for Children‘s “innovative community-based organizations that serve the worlds’ most vulnerable children and youth,” this give-back little number is a lovable introduction to the boundless wonder of books …!

Readers: Children

Published: 2010


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