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20th Century Boys (vol. 15) by Naoki Urasawa, with the cooperation of Takashi Nagasaki, English adaptation by Akemi Wegmüller

20th Century Boys 15The Pope is on his way to Japan in time for the opening ceremony of the 2015 World Expo … and to pay his final respects to the late Friend. And yet, is the Friend really dead? Too many people are convinced they’ve seen him …

As the Vatican makes plans for the Pope’s holy visit, Father Luciano arrives in Italy from Argentina to put his late mentor, Father Perrin’s papers in order. What he finds sends him suddenly to Japan, straight into the custody of the local wary police.

The good Pope’s longstanding relationship with certain members of the underworld is revealed in surprising, though rather touching flashbacks; those connections prove highly useful when he insists on making his holy rounds in Japan. Beware of first impressions!

Meanwhile, across the oceans on the other side of the world, faceless salesmen wearing gas masks and carrying briefcases, are leaving something deadly behind wherever they go. Only Kanna’s mother Kiriko has the potential to staunch the ever-growing pandemic … but the Friends are destroying her efforts more quickly than ever. When a motorcycle gang calling Kiriko “The Holy Mother” crosses paths with Keroyan and his soba truck, an unexpected rescue mission commences …

Each new volume of this Eisner-winning series gets better with every installment … this one is no exception, except to say, what an especially shocking cameo at book’s end! No secrets revealed here, but upcoming vol. 16 is going to be one revelatory read for sure!

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Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 2011 (United States)
20 SEIKI SHONEN © Naoki Urasawa/Studio Nuts
Original Japanese edition published by Shogakukan Inc.


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