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We Need Diverse Books’ Summer Reading Series 2016

We Need Diverse Books Summer Reading Series

The fabulously smart writers, supporters, and groupies who make up the remarkable team at We Need Diverse Books continue to diversify our reading world! How grateful am I to be a smart part of their remarkable efforts …

For the third summer (already!), BookDragon is thrilled to be contributing once again to WNDB’s annual Summer Reading Series: “if you liked … read this next …”

Thankfully, the plethora of diverse books only keeps increasing! Get ready to load up your shelves!

Read more, demand more, and we’ll get more. The publishing industry is certainly making progress, but as these numbers show (Cooperative Children’s Book Center here, Lee & Low’s Diversity Baseline Survey here), we still have plenty of work to do.

The more we read outside our comfort zones, the more we can learn about each other through sharing our journeys. Knowledge wins over myopia. Tolerance bests conflict. Respect overpowers xenophobia.

Commit to reading broadly – this summer, next fall, next year, and always.