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Thousand Pieces of Gold by Ruthanne Lum McCunn [in AsianWeek]

Thousand Pieces of GoldThis new edition of a bestselling classic biographical novel – should be on every student reading list! – includes a new essay, “Reclaiming Polly Bemis,” and discussion questions. Ruthanne Lum McCunn uses the power of fiction, not to take liberties with the truth but to fill in the gaps where history fails. Lalu Nathoy comes to life arriving in San Francisco in 1872 as a slave, is auctioned off, used as negotiable fodder in a poker game, and rightfully goes down in history as a legendary Chinese American pioneer woman.

Review: “New and Notable Books,” AsianWeek, October 8, 2004

Tidbits: You might say that McCunn is the whole reason that this blog ever got started! See “About this blog …” for more on that! Additionally, McCunn was a delightful guest, together with Jeannie Pfaelzer and Jack Tchen, for the Smithsonian APA Program’s literary event, “The Chinese American Experience – and Those Who Survived and Thrived to Tell the Tales,” on October 12, 2007.

Readers: Young Adult, Adult

Published: 1981, 2004 (paperback reprint)


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