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The Deep, Deep Puddle by Mary Jessie Parker, illustrated by Deborah Zemke

Deep Deep Puddle“On a busy street in the late afternoon, the rain begins …” Okay, so it’s sunny out at the moment, but it is late afternoon, just the time of day when I’m most likely thinking about total escape. Come join me as I fall head first into The Deep, Deep Puddle.

The first to discover such depths is “One shaggy dog,” who wanders a little too close and “…Glub … Glub … Glub … he sinks out of sight.” But no need for worry, because soon enough, he’s joined by two too-curious stray cats, three thirsty squirrels … six distracted tourists … nine fleeing robbers … until 10 police officers finally appear and “Halt” the in-going, wet traffic.

Eleven tanker trucks with 12 workers manage to “Schlurp! Schlurp! Schlurp!” the puddle away, and a countdown to order allows 10 officers to arrest nine robbers while eight vendors sell the spectators snacks and seven taxis reappear to ferry six tourists elsewhere. Meanwhile, the five children and the rest of the menagerie of once sodden creatures return to terra firma … at least until the next deep, deep puddle appears.

Illustrator Deborah Zemke‘s colorful, whimsical style adds delightful depth to author Mary Jessie Parker’s forwards-and-backwards watery adventures. From the playful feline pair reaching to touch their reflections, to the sinking tourist reaching up and out to save his cell phone, to the half-masked robber trying to gather his spilled bills, to the crowd of sidewalk gawkers witnessing the puddle’s schlurping-up, Zemke imbues her gleeful pictures with energy and motion, perched on the edge of anticipation and discovery, not to mention just plain old-fashioned cheery fun.

Go head … the workday is almost over. Come jump right in!

Readers: Children

Published: 2013


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