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Take Away the A by Michaël Escoffier, illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo

Take Away the AIt’s subtitled “An ALPHABEAST of a book!” which should give you some indication that letters will be involved. Ah, but there’s a catch – a simply ingenious, uniquely entertaining one at that. Ready to wordplay?

“Without the A the BEAST is the BEST.” I can vouch for that without even seeing the 25 other forthcoming letters: this magnificent Alphabeast is Alpha-best for sure.

Oh, but you say you need more play …?

“Without the P the PLATE is too LATE.” That hungry kitty left only a tell-tale tail, ahem.

“Without the L the PLANTS wear PANTS.” Ferns need tweedy fashion, too!

“Without the U my AUNT is an ANT.” No wonder sitting through those long meals makes her antsy!

“Without the S SNOW falls NOW.” Might I lament the few inches already on the mountains, oh shudder, shudder?!

Clearly, you’ve figured out the brilliant schtick? But beyond all this fun, we’ve also got subtle, essential, vital reminders about the creative power of language. Learn your letters, shift them at will, and you’ve got the unlimited ability to express anything and everything.

Need proof? This is French author Michaël Escoffier’s first book in English, published by fabulously indie Enchanted Lion Books. Escoffier’s got award-winning bestsellers in his native tongue (translations available from ELB, natch), but this one he wrote only in English. It’s oh so whimsically, gleefully illustrated by his frequent collaborator Kris Di Giacomo, whose art requires no translations. With his Stateside debut, Escoffier is delightedly, demonstrating his power over language, or rather languages. We should all cultivate such superpowers!

So let me give it a quick try: Take away my babble above … and you’ll be left with a clarified A-PLUS.

Tidbit: Click here. Waaayyy too much fun in just 38 seconds!

Readers: Children

Published: 2014


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