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My Boyfriend Is a Monster (#1): I Love Him to Pieces by Evonne Tsang, illustrated by Janina Görrissen

My Boyfriend Is a MonsterOooh, such campy, goofy, gory fun, complete with a buff, albeit geeky APA male hero! But don’t judge those dweeby glasses just yet …

Welcome to St. Petersburg High School with the usual social cliques. “Jack Chen, you’re the father of my baby!” shouts Dicey Bell, the school’s baseball star, as she bursts into the bio lab. Turn to page 4 to see the prospective parents’ faces and you’ll see exactly what I mean about the charming goof-factor!

Jack and Dicey are the proud protectors of an egg, part of their health education project. Once they get over their first nerd vs. jock spat, they try not to traumatize their progeny any further. In between their custody meetings, Dicey’s busy with her family and team practices, and Jack’s immersed in his “Cultivation of Mutated Insect Pathogenic Fungus” research assistant-ship and hacking with his Dungeons buddies.

Still, that little egg is working hard to bring the unlikely couple together … and Mommy and Daddy finally get out on a first date. But holy moly (!) – it turns out to be a doozy, complete with secret agents, armed militia, high-speed car chases … and uhm … zombie attacks. Surely a memorable beginning of a lasting relationship, right? You gotta read it to believe it!

Readers: Middle Grade, Young Adult

Published: 2011


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