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Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi

Hello Kitty Must DieWhat a fast-paced, can’t put-down, biting, over-the-top debut! You’ll have to read it for the body count alone … I couldn’t keep track after the first dozen or so, ahem! I admit it: my math skills are definitely challenged! Who knew murder and mayhem could be sooooo entertaining??!! Young fiction newbie Angela S. Choi certainly knows how to keep you turning the pages, wide-eyed for a few, then guffawing over the next.

In spite of being a Yale-educated corporate lawyer with her killer Jimmy Choos and Armani wardrobe, Fiona Yu remains the dutiful Chinese American daughter, virginally unmarried, who still lives at home with her pushy immigrant parents. No matter how much she hates Hello Kitty for her “clawless, fangless, voiceless, with that placid, blank expression topped by a pink ribbon”-representation of the perfect subservient Asian female, Fi can’t seem to liberate herself “from the confines of tradition, culture, and family.”

She can’t stand the blind dates her parents send her on, but she can’t seem to get beyond three dates with anyone of her own choosing. She’s convinced her virginity is in the way, decides to deal with that little problem her very own way, and discovers she’s missing something she really does want. Off she goes in search of … reconstruction of sorts … and surprisingly, gleefully reunites with her bad-boy childhood best friend who’s reinvented himself as a prominent plastic surgeon with morals all his own! His is a whole different sort of Hippocratic oath, shall we say?

The book is scheduled to release next week … go get on the pre-order list right now. You’ll thank me for sure!

Readers: Adult

Published: 2010



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