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Chinese American Portraits: Personal Histories 1828-1988 by Ruthanne Lum McCunn [in What Do I Read Next? Multicultural Literature]

Chinese American Portraits - screenA historical look at the Chinese American experience from early pioneers to modern-day heroes. Through personal histories, McCunn presents numerous Chinese Americans and their lasting contributions to all aspects of life in the U.S., including China Mary, Alaskan pioneer and prospector, Lue Gim Gong, developer of frost-resistant oranges, and Chin Gee-hee, railroad baron.

The book brings together over 150 historical and contemporary photographs that bear witness to Chinese American contributions. McCunn would go on to write a novel based on the life of one of the profilees, horticulturalist Lue Gim Gong, titled Wooden Fish Songs.

Review: “Asian American Titles,” What Do I Read Next? Multicultural Literature, Gale Research, 1997

Readers: Middle Grade, Young Adult, Adult

Published: 1988


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