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Bloodvine: A Novel by Aris Janigian

BloodvineTwo half-brothers, Abe and Andy, the American descendants of Armenian refugees whose families have escaped the Armenian Genocide, have led very different lives in California’s fertile Central Valley. Abe, the eldest, loses his father and is forced to take on adult responsibilities far too early by an unforgiving stepfather. Andy, the youngest and favored son, finds reprieve and works his way through a college education and experiences the outside world.

Together, the brothers inherit the family land, to be equally shared. And, for awhile, the arrangement works well enough. But petty jealousies and unrelenting misunderstandings tear the brothers apart, until one brother severs the familial bond irrevocably and the other must finally walk away.

Watch for Janigian’s follow-up, Riverbig, coming soon.

Readers: Adult

Published: 2003


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